Corporate Solutions.

Benefits for Corporates & MNCs

How Can You Benefit?

In large IT companies, MNCs and Corporates, indirect material purchases is a challenging exercise. Processing hundreds of incessant product requests every day, ensuring consumable supplies on time, ensuring branding, sampling, dealing with 3000+ variety of products, 100s of vendors and much more - purchasing has little time to introspect top spends. aahaa is one source with technology, operations and business model to handle all your tail-end product purchases, allowing your purchasing teams to focus and get more value from your top spends.

Assured Product Availability

From supplying coffee powder to a computer (10000+ products), from delivering to Kanyakumari to Kashmir (1000+ locations), from supplying 1 book to 1 lakh Polo T-shirts, we take total responsibility.

Assured Deliveries

Before our engagement, in our interactions with over 100 top corporates, the biggest challenge they reported was that they do not get products on time. aahaa has built a customer centric system that delivers impeccable on-time deliveries.

Assured Savings

aahaa delivers both direct savings on product costs through consolidation and indirect savings by relieving you of the cost of local inventory and internal dispatches. Together often this amounts to 20% or more in savings.

Assured Growth Support

Whether you are adding branches, ATMs or more employees, set up an employee start-up kit or a new branch kit with aahaa and order it whenever needed. Include everything that you want to get started.

Assured Consumption Reduction

Over 90% of the companies we interacted with, do not have a system in place to track consumption, mean time between purchases, repeat purchases, material consumption /SF in case of housekeeping and comparative analysis on branch spends. aahaa’s real-time analytics offers this intelligence.

Assured experience

In addition to ensuring availability, savings, consumption reduction and delivery, aahaa’s merchandising skills ensure you get the best of products. Our technology skills ensure our platform offers new and better features. Our operations ensure, we shorten the delivery times.

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