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Since 2013, aahaa’s DigiProcure has been a procurement platform of choice for enterprises embarking on a digital transformation journey. Where indirect procurement spends are made by a wide spectrum of users, or spends run into thousands of transactions a month, DigiProcure automates them handling the material flows, information flows, document flows and money flows.

DigiProcure. Business users get a consumer-style catalog to raise purchase requests. Catalog is configured to allow users to only see products or services they are allowed to see. Order consolidation helps procurement source at better rates. Purchase approval workflows, budget tracking and business rules ensures compliance. Past 6-month consumption data on a product while ordering empowers users to order accurately. Incisive analytics and BI for procurement professionals to analyze spends.

API based integrations with ERP, WMS and financial systems. Integrated vendor portal ensures 3-way invoice verification and alerts vendors in case of discrepancies.

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About aahaa